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Welcome to investizens, We would like to tell you a little bit about our company and our philosophy. To say we are passionate and driven is an understatement. We are rooted in a strong fundamental vision of being the world’s most distinguished marketing platform for luxury goods and services. We will never compare ourselves to others as we strive to always push the boundaries of design, presentation and functionality. Like staging a high-end home, we believe that presentation is as important as the structure or agent. Initially started in Canada, investizens has truely grown globally in the past year. Reaching an audience in all corners of the world is an amazing feeling. It inspires our team to continually improve our platform and create great content for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In addition to our audience, we are grateful for the amazing connections we have made with our clients. They represent a network of niche and well-respected companies and agents who dedicate their time and energy into building great brands. Passion for our work is a gift that all of us at investizens admire and embrace. We also embrace a mindset of always moving forward while enjoying the view and the people around us. We hope you will come on this journey with us and we thank you for your viewership and connection. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us and connect with our team. Thank you, Matthew Semik

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