Vivid Sydney. Lights, Music And Art Takeover Sydney.

Warm lights paint Sydney, Australia in a beautiful nightly show from May 25 to June 16 for the annual Vivid Sydney festival. Our own correspondent Matthew Semik was there to experience the event. “Magic can only describe the vivid experience I felt seeing art come to life on buildings and monuments” he said after a 15 hour flight from investizens HQ. The sentiment was echoed by most people Matthew met strolling the Sydney harbor. Almost 2.4 million people will descend to Sydney harbor this year to experience the magnificence of light, music and culture although it’s the middle of winter at a time when Sydney is usually a ghost town to tourists. “Experiences are priceless and this experience will live in my soul for a lifetime” said a spectator. Special thanks to Park Hyatt Sydney for hosting Matthew in a magnificent Opera view room. Also thanks Vivid Sydney for putting up an amazing show and for information and support.


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