So You Just Won $1.6 Billion

So it’s after 11pm and you check your lottery ticket and see all the right numbers. Now what? It’s always good to be prepared just in case. #1, do not tell anyone. Trust no one and do not act differently. People talk and soon enough, you will be the talk of the world. Your Instagram and Facebook will blow up and everyone around you will start to act differently. Just remember all the times they treated you with disrespect and ingrain those images in your head. Remember that one time you recommended that movie and they told you how much better they are for not watching such nonsense? They will watch every move you recommend from now on. This is human nature and people will not treat you the same as they use to. #2, photocopy your ticket, take a picture and securely put the copies in a bank vault (or something close). Not to mention, sign your ticket and copies. You just won the lottery, your chances of getting robbed or killed or bit by a shark (even if you don’t swim in the ocean) are thousands of times more likely than that of you actually winning. If you already won, don’t take the chance that the evidence of your ticket gets destroyed or stolen. #3, don’t quit your job and yell at everyone. They will all sue you and say that they paid for the ticket. Honestly, give 30 days notice and tell them you found a new job. Keep everything as normal as possible. If it’s not normal for you to quit, just wait a few weeks, work normally and create a believable situation for your departure. #4, spend all the money you have in your bank account and credit cards to hire a really good lawyer (especially one specializing in finance and tax) before you cash the ticket. Make sure they are the most expensive lawyer you can find and know about tax law. They cannot tell anyone and they have too much money to lose to break client confidentiality. Tell them your entire situation and take their advice. Ask him or her about all the precautions you should take and how to deal with your situation. Do what they say. #5, once you are ready, claim your prize. Do it as secretly as possible and resist any attempts to publicly broadcast your image or name. If you are legally bound to show yourself (like in Canada), you need to wear a disguise. Cut your hair, wear makeup, wear ugly non-sensible clothes, grow a beard or shave it, chew gum and store it under your lip, add a rock to your shoe to walk differently and with a limp. Whatever works. Best is to watch how the secret service creates disguises on Youtube. Also, make sure you always take the lump sum. You will be offered an option to take an annuity for 30 years. If you do not know what an annuity is, ask your expensive lawyer. The lump sum, properly invested will create vastly more wealth for you than the alternative. The lump sum will be less… only about $950 million. But that money will create lots of money for you in the long run. #6, don’t spend it yet. You need to pay your taxes. After tax, you will have about $450 million left. If you are very financially savvy, you know who you are and you already have an idea of what to do. If you are not, find the most expensive accountant and ask for advice or ask them to give you the name of the best financial advisor they know. If you invest properly, you should be making about $1 to $2 million dollars monthly in investment income with about $40 million in spending money. Diversify your investments, keep your money in dozens of different banks and in different financially secure countries like England and Canada. Remember, you need to pay tax on your earnings. Creating and investing in other countries can help you save tax and make even more money! #7 lucky number 7. You will learn a lot about people, money and the negatives of being rich and stupid. Most people who get money slowly understand how to manage it and the people who want a piece of the pie. With so much money, everyone will be asking you for it. Being 100% unknown is better than being famous and targeted. You are the luckiest person alive so do not take it for granted. Use it to invest and build things that will benefit the world but make you richer, smarter and more humble. Find new passions and do not stray from an honest life. Although a Lamborghini is fun, the fact that you can buy 100 Lamborghinis makes them boring. And please send me money for writing this article.


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