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Your time is the most valuable asset in your business. Why spend time doing the things that a marketing service should be doing for you? We invite you to experience an exclusive and limited investizens membership. A marketing service designed to showcase your listings without wasting your time. Membership includes: 1. A Dedicated Marketing Specialist As a distinguished member, you will have a dedicated marketing specialist at your service 24/7. Your dedicated specialist will design your investizens showcase and routinely mirror any updates on your website (or page of reference). For listings requiring immediate attention, simply send all updates to your dedicated specialist. 2. Optimization After curation, a team of web developers will individually optimize each of your listings for all search engines, mobile devices and social media sites using our trademarked marketing tools. Using over 100 optimization metrics, our development team will perfect the underlaying code within each of your listings to achive an optimization audit score (OAS) of 100%. Over time, your listings will be routinely tested and retested to ensure your OAS is optimized . 3. Targeted Campaigns Our marketing team will create social and search campaigns designed to connect your listings with top-tier clients. Using a proprietary technology developed by our team, your listings will be showcased to the wealthiest zip/postal codes locally and globally (our secret sauce).

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One of our founding principles is to stay true to your brand. Unlike many other platforms, we will never place your listings among cheap alternatives. We know that your brand image is paramount in a competitive landscape. Our platform is built on showcasing your listings in a beautiful and functional way with respect to your reputation as a distinguished dealer amongst others.

our audience, your clients

as a distinguished marketing service, we are proud of our trademarked ability to connect your brand with ideal clients. As ominous as it may sound, we know where the wealthiest live, eat and play. We keep your brand top-of-mind through brand-awareness campaigns within relevant high-networth zip/postal codes using our proprietary technology.


Our memberships are exclusive and limited. If you are interested in a membership, please contact our marketing team. Include your company information, links to your website, social media and any other relevant information. Thank you for your interest in investizens.

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