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Influential PR is important for your brand. We offer well-rounded article services that provide essential channels for your campaign. All our article service features are listed below.


Tailored Search and Social Code

Our development team codes the underlying "metadata" embedded in each individual article. Using sophisticated optimization and analytical tools, each article must pass an uncompromising audit of over 100 criteria. A manual request is then sent to all major search and social engines to properly index all articles. This process ensures the highest quality of engagement and visibility.

Intelligent Targeting

Using ultramodern marketing software, each article is targeted towards high-networth individuals internationally. Our profiling intelligence defines over 50 criteria including lifestyle, purchases, hobbies and more. Combined with our time-tested marketing strategies, each article is brought to the forefront of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

Influencers and Engagement

Sourcing the most reputable influencers, each article is decisively placed amongst the most engaged social profiles. Well-rounded engagement opportunities are generated using timelines, stories and walls to create top-of-mind awareness for millions of viewers worldwide.

Global articles

Your clients are global citizens. Exposure in different global markets with proper nuanced translations is important to build international client relationships. Our team uses social platforms in markets like China and India amongst others using sophisticated marketing channels. This process creates exposure for your brand and articles in vitally important metropolises.


We understand the dynamic nature of your campaign. Using powerful and secure Stripe payment software, we implement a dynamic pricing model with prorated usage. Billed monthly, your invoice will reflect the real usage for our services. Any unused days are credited back into your account. Services can be added or updated at your request anytime. Please request exact pricing information directly from your marketing specialist as prices vary by request.

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