Welcome to investizens, an ultramodern marketing company designed to showcase the world’s most distinguished listings. Our all-inclusive services set the precedent in luxury marketing through innovative and intelligent hard-coded tech. We effectively connect the world’s most reputable dealers and agents with valuable international clients. We would like to tell you about our company's philosophy. To say we are driven by perfection is an understatement. We are fundamentally rooted in the vision of being the world’s most distinguished marketing platform for luxury goods and services. Through ultramodern development, we take pride in setting the global precedent in luxury marketing with smart hard-coded tech. Like staging a high-end home, we believe that presentation is a major key to success. We also believe that building meaningful connections through the right avenues can create lifelong value for our clients. These concepts underlie a fundamental marketing strategy for each listing in our care. Initially started in Canada, investizens is now a recognized trademark in many international markets. It is our privilege to work with such prestigious agents and dealers from all corners of the globe. It is also a pleasure to have such a diverse audience of successful entrepreneurs who build valuable relationships through our services. Our name “investizens” is a hallmark to all of you. Finally, a passion for our work is a gift that all of us at investizens embrace. Although always sailing forward, we make it a habit to enjoy the view and people we meet along the way. We hope you will come on this journey with us and we thank you for the connection you bring.

matthew semik

founder & president

daniella lang

chief executive officer