We would like to tell you about our company and philosophy. To say we are passionate and driven is an understatement. We are rooted in the fundamental vision of being the world’s most distinguished marketing platform for luxury goods and services. We take pride in never comparing ourselves to others as we always strive to push the boundaries of design, presentation and functionality. Like staging a high-end home, we believe that presentation is a major key to success. We also believe that building meaningful connections with the right people can create the opportunity for growth in life and in business. Initially started in Canada, investizens is now a recognized trademark in many international markets. It is our privilege to work with such prestigious agents and dealers from all corners of the globe. It is also an honor to have such a diverse audience of successful entrepreneurs who build valuable connections using our service. Our name “investizens” is a hallmark to all of you. Passion for our work is a gift that all of us at investizens embrace. Although always sailing forward, we make it a habit to enjoy the view and people we meet along the way. We hope you will come on this journey with us and we thank you for your interest. Thank you, Matthew Semik - President and CTO of investizens inc.


waterloo, ontario, canada

151 charles street west


july 2016

our team

matthew semik

president & chief technology officer

daniella lang

chief executive officer
investizens incorporated
world distinguished listings